Complaints Handling Rules

The Complaints Handling Rules (the Rules) of Finora Bank UAB (the Bank) regulates the process of handling the complaints received by the Bank, including receipt and replying.

The following terms are used in the Rules:

„Customer“ or “Claimant” shall mean a natural or legal person to whom the Bank provides financial services.

“Complaint” shall mean a written application submitted to the Bank by the Claimant stating that the rights or legitimate interests of a person related to the services provided by the Bank or agreements concluded have been violated and requesting that the requirements of the Claimant be met.

If the Customer believes that the Bank provides its services improperly or breaches Claimant’s rights or legitimate interests, the Claimant has a right to file a complaint to the Bank.

A complaint may be filed through any of the following channels:

– in writing by submitting a complaint directly to the Bank’s employee or by sending it to the Bank’s registered office by regular or registered mail;

– by e-mail: [email protected].

The Bank shall in each case confirm to the Claimant the receipt of the complaint. A written confirmation shall be submitted (including by way of electronic means).

The Claimant’s complaints should specify the following:

-name of the Claimant;

-Claimant’s contact details;

-date of the complaint;

-dispute matter;

-other circumstances related to the complaint.

A complaint should be filed in Lithuanian or English language.

Anonymous complaints shall not be accepted, unless the issue raised in such a complaint is important to the Bank’s activities or Bank’s good repute or otherwise requires attention from the Bank.

The Bank shall be free no to handle anonymous, unsigned and illegible Complaints, as well as Complaints that do not contain sufficient data identifying the Claimant.

The filing of complaints and complaints handling process at the Bank is free of charge.

The Complaint shall be handled in accordance with the principles of justice, fairness, impartiality and reasonableness, with a full examination of the circumstances set out in the Complaint. The Bank’s employees examining the Complaint must avoid conflicts of interest.

A written response shall be submitted not later than within 15 (fifteen) working days as of the day of submission of the claim, unless the laws and other service-related legal acts compulsory for the Bank specify another term. Where, due to reasons outside the Bank’s control, the response cannot be submitted within 15 (fifteen) working days, a non-final response shall be submitted within this period. It will specify the reasons for the delay and the term before which the Claimant will receive the final response, which shall not exceed 35 (thirty-five) working days.

The Bank shall be entitled not to re-examine Complaints with which the same Customer applies to the Bank on the same issue, without specifying any new demands and / or circumstances forming the basis of the Complaint, without submitting new documents casting doubt on the validity of the Bank’s previous written response. Such a repeat Complaint shall be registered and the Customer shall be notified in writing within the established term that its Complaint has already been examined and the details of previous responses and the procedure for appealing the Bank’s response shall be provided.

In the event the Claimant’s claim is satisfied by the parties’ concluding a new agreement on financial services and/or amendment of the contractual terms and conditions, or a peaceful resolution of the dispute is achieved, additional written response shall not be submitted. The Claimant shall also have the right to refuse the written submission of the response.

The entity of extra-judicial settlement of disputes regarding and (or) protection of privacy is the State Data Protection Inspectorate, address L. Sapiegos g. 17, 10312 Vilnius, internet website The requirements for the claim and the submission procedure are stipulated in the Republic of Lithuania Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data.

If the Bank’s response to the Customer, which may be considered a consumer based on legal acts, is not satisfactory or if a response was not made within 15 (fifteen) business days, the Customer has the right to apply to the Bank of Lithuania at Totorių g. 4, 01121 Vilnius or e-mail to [email protected] with regards to the Bank’s activities supervised by the Bank of Lithuania, within 1 (one) year from the day of applying to the Bank, regarding the out-of-court settlement procedure in the Bank of Lithuania in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts.

If Bank’s services are provided in another EU Member State than the Republic of Lithuania, the Customer which are consumers have the right to submit their claims via FIN-NET network (accessible: services/financial-dispute-resolution-network-fin-net_en).