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  • A quick and easy way to increase working capital
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  • Greater control over cash flow planning
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General information

What is factoring?

Factoring allows you to eliminate long payment deadlines and turn invoices directly into money. Financing sales invoices frees money that can be used for business development.

Doing business is inspiring and motivating. The success of small businesses largely depends on the payment discipline of customers, and it is often necessary to cooperate with large distributors to stay competitive. This form of cooperation is very beneficial, but it also comes with risks in the form of very long payment deadlines. Therefore, the success of a small business can sometimes experience more difficult periods, because it can take over a month to collect an invoice and there is a lack of reasonable financial solutions. Finora wants to offer its customers flexible and affordable methods of financing. One of them is factoring, which has gained great popularity around the world, especially among small businesses.

Why choose factoring?

  • Quick and easy financing
  • Improved liquidity from freed-up working capital
  • Easier cash flow planning
  • Customers can be given longer payment deadlines
  • The financed invoices usually serve as collateral and no additional collateral is required (unlike a loan, where a collateral is usually required)
  • Increases control over buyers, improving their payment discipline and reducing payment risk

What does Finora factoring include?

  • Financing invoices
  • Invoice management
  • Buyers’ credit risk assessment
  • Collection of receipts and their transfer to the seller
  • Reminders to buyers in case of overdue invoices
  • Feedback on buyers
  • Minimising the risk of bad debts
  • Communication with debt collection companies and debt collection from buyers, if agreed between the parties

The process


Sell goods or provide services to your customer.
The customer must have received the goods or services.


Send the signed invoice to Finora.
The invoice must have a reference to Finora and be signed by both the seller and the buyer.


We will pay up to 85% of the invoice on the same day.
If the invoice is drawn up correctly, we will make the advance payment immediately.


We will make the final payment when the invoice has been paid.
The buyer pays the invoice into Finora’s account. After deducting interest, we pay the reserve.

Price list and terms

determined individually for each buyer
determined individually for each buyer, generally up to 85%
90 days
* The seller pays all costs of performing the factoring agreement. For all invoices under €3,000, an additional interest of 0.5% per invoice is applied in addition to the interest rate set for the buyer; the minimum interest cost per invoice is €25.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is factoring?

The purpose of factoring is to generate quick cash flow and improve liquidity. You will receive money for the goods or services sold immediately and do not have to wait for the invoice payment deadline.

Who is factoring for?

Factoring, i.e. invoice financing, is intended for companies that need more working capital and do not want to wait for their money due to long payment deadlines.

How does factoring work?

The company sells goods or services, for which a sales invoice and other documentation is sent to us and the buyer. We pay most of the invoice amount to the company immediately. When the invoice is due, the buyer pays us the invoice, after which we pay the company that sold the goods or services the remaining amount of the invoice, minus the factoring fees.

How does factoring differ from the purchase of invoices?

Factoring is intended for companies that issue regular sales invoices in smaller amounts and need financing. The purchase of invoices is intended for companies that need financing against individual large invoices.

How much money can be received of a financed invoice?

In the case of factoring, we generally pay up to 85% of the invoice amount immediately.

What fees are involved in factoring?

At Finora, factoring only involves the interest assigned to each buyer.

Do I have to send all my invoices to you or can I finance individual invoices?

You have complete freedom to choose which invoices you want to assign to us and when. You don’t have to send us all your invoices.

Is factoring available for the construction sector?

At Finora, we also finance sales invoices for the construction sector.

Can a startup or small business use factoring?

Factoring agreements are available to all companies, including startups and SMEs.

How can I get information about the financed invoices?

All settlement information can be tracked on our self-service portal. If necessary, your account manager will advise you.

What if I assign an invoice to you, but the buyer does not pay the invoice on time?

You don’t have to worry about it because we handle such situations.

Do you also finance overdue invoices?

No. We only finance invoices that are not yet due.

What kinds of invoices do you finance?

Finora finances sales invoices that are not yet due.

Do you finance invoices to foreign countries, i.e. export invoices?

We offer our service primarily in Estonia and Lithuania, but we are also ready to finance sales invoices to other European Union countries.

How quickly will I get the money for my invoices?

We will transfer the money to you within 24 hours, usually as soon as we receive the invoice.

Can I terminate the agreement with immediate effect and how much does it cost?

You can terminate the agreement any time you want. Termination does not entail any additional financial obligations to you.

What is purchase invoice factoring?

Funding of invoices issued by your company to suppliers.

Who is purchase invoice factoring intended for?

Purchase invoice factoring is intended for companies that want to extend their invoice payment deadlines. With the help of purchase invoice factoring, a company can order goods in larger quantities, i.e. at better prices, and thanks to the longer payment term, pay the invoice using sales proceeds.

How does purchase invoice factoring work?

An agreement is signed with the buyer and the sellers are not analysed individually. The buyer buys goods or services and sends us the invoice. Invoices are financed up to a limit, i.e. 100% of the invoice is paid to the seller immediately. After the invoice has been paid, accrued interest is calculated (according to the payment period) and a bill of costs is issued to the buyer.

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