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General information

Leasing is the most convenient way to acquire equipment and machines for businesses.

Benefits of leasing

  • You can lease new or used assets
  • Additional security is usually not required
  • Assets can be purchased from a variety of sellers, including private individuals
  • Quick approval
  • Flexible repayment schedule
  • A variety of assets can be leased: IT equipment, medical and industrial equipment, vehicles, agricultural, construction and forestry machinery, hangars, boats, and more
  • The monthly payment is fixed throughout the lease period, but we also offer flexible schedules as necessary
  • At the end of the lease period, the property can be returned or bought out at an agreed price

The process


Select the asset you need and fill out the application


Submit the documents
The latest annual report, balance sheet, and income statement (not older than 6 months)


Leasing decision


Signing an agreement
We will send you the agreements for digital signature. For the initial agreement, you will be video-identified online, after which you can start using the leased assets.
* If necessary, we can request account statements of both the company and the surety.

Price list and terms

up to 5 years
from 5% + 6 months EURIBOR
from 1% of the loan amount
leased assets
from 10%
preferably no more than 11 years
from 150€
* We may request that you order an appraisal report for the assets. The lessee pays for the appraisal report.
* An additional security is usually not required, but we may require personal surety by a management board member (if the company is young or its financial position is not sound enough).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to inquire about lease terms before choosing the assets to be leased?

Yes, you need to know at least the type, age, and price of the assets.

What documents should a lease applicant submit?

To apply for a lease, you are asked to submit an application, the latest annual report, balance sheet, and income statement (not older than 6 months) as well as a quotation for the asset to be leased. Instead of a quotation, you may include a reference to a sales advertisement.

Is the appraisal of the asset mandatory before applying for lease?

No, an appraisal can be completed at the end of the lease process, after receiving the decision, and only if the lessor requires it.

Can the advance payment to the seller be used as the down payment for the lease agreement?

Yes, depending on the terms of the lease, the advance payment to the seller can be used as the down payment for the lease agreement in full or in part.

Can the down payment for the lease be 0?

Generally, the down payment is between 10% and 25%.

Are there fees that are not reflected in the lease agreement and schedule?

We do not charge any hidden fees. All fees are agreed upon in the lease agreement. In addition to the one-off agreement fee, we may apply a monthly or one-off management fee (e.g. for the use of a GPS device, if such a requirement arises from the nature of the asset).

Does the asset have to be registered and who does so?

A lease is typically used for motor vehicles. The vehicle is registered online with the motor vehicle register of the Transport Administration, and the transfer of ownership to the lessor is initiated by the seller of the vehicle. In most cases, the lessee does not have to do anything other than confirm becoming the user in charge of the vehicle.

Does the asset have to be insured and how?

Yes, leased assets must be insured. You can obtain insurance from an insurer of your choice. If you need help with insurance, we can help you find the best solution through our business partners. When insuring leased assets, Finora Bank is always indicated as the beneficiary.

What should the lessee do if they can no longer manage the monthly payments?

Contact us, we will find a solution together.

Do you offer delaying VAT payments in the case of a financial lease?

Yes. Since a VAT payer can claim VAT back from the state, we generally want to finance VAT payers to the extent of the VAT-free amount. Claiming a VAT refund from the state takes one or two months, in the meantime we offer the possibility to delay the payment of part of the VAT for up to two months.

Can the lease period be extended?

Yes, the lease period can be extended. A free-form application should be submitted to do that.

Can a company with payment defaults apply for a lease?

As a rule, no. However, each case is different, so we always listen and analyse each project individually.

What happens if the company is late with a lease payment?

If a lease payment is overdue, we will send a reminder by letter and inform you about the addition of late interest. In the case of any payment difficulties, please contact us immediately so that we can find the best solution together. When requesting a grace period, it is important to notify us as early as possible, not when the lease payment is already overdue.

How can a lease agreement be signed?

We will send you a pre-filled lease agreement, which we ask the legal representative to digitally sign and return.

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