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  • Great for improving liquidity
  • A wide range of use and flexible payment schedule
  • Early repayment free of charge
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General information

A microloan is a flexible solution for a growing company to expand operations or to cover extraordinary larger expenses. A microloan is a particularly convenient solution when a company has incurred unexpected expenses, such as financing current assets, expanding operations, acquiring fixed assets or covering other small investments.

Benefits of a microloan

  • No collateral required
  • Quick approval
  • Flexible repayment schedule
  • Great for improving liquidity
  • Wide range of use:
    • starting or expanding business operations,
    • acquisition of fixed assets,
    • project-based expenses,
    • financing of current assets,
    • other small investments.

For example, whilefactoringis perfect for financing regular invoices, a microloan is convenient for paying individual invoices. The borrowed money can be immediately reinvested in the business and thereby ensure faster company growth.

The process


Complete the application


Submit the documents
The latest annual report, balance sheet, and income statement (not older than 6 months), statements of bank accounts of the company and a person related to the company for the last 6 months with digital confirmation from the bank.


Loan decision


Signing an agreement
We will send you the loan and surety agreement for digital signature. For the initial agreement, you will be video-identified online.

Price list and terms

5 000 – 50 000€
6 – 24 months
from 1% per month
1.5% of the loan amount, minimum €150
* Surety by a natural or legal person
Free of charge
* The maximum loan amount usually equals one month of the company’s turnover.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents should a loan applicant submit?

To apply for a loan, you are asked to submit an application, the latest annual report, balance sheet. Statements of bank accounts of the company and a person related to the company for the last 6 months with digital confirmation from the bank.

How long is the loan period for a microloan?

The microloan period is up to 12 months for financing working capital and up to 24 months for investments.

Is the loan available to companies that have been operating for less than one year?

Yes. In such case, in addition to the financial statements and account statements, you will be asked to submit a business plan, a cash flow forecast or an explanation of how and from which means the loan will be repaid.

Why must the company have been operating for at least 1 year?

When granting a loan, we want to be sure that the company has sufficient turnover to pay its obligations and repay the loan. Current turnover shows that the business and its operations are financially sustainable.

Under what conditions can a microloan be repaid early?

The loan can be repaid early in whole or in parts. To do this, you should inform us of your intention. Microloan agreements have no early repayment fee and you will only pay interest for the period that you used the loan.

Can the loan period be extended?

Yes, it is possible to extend the microloan period. A free-form application should be submitted to do that.

Can a company with payment defaults apply for a loan?

As a rule, no.

Is the purpose of using a microloan limited?

No, it is not. A microloan has a very wide range of uses and is intended for all kinds of developmentactivities.

Can a company apply for multiple microloans?

Yes, a microloan can be applied for several times, but the total amount should generally remain within the company’s one month turnover.

What happens if the company is late with a loan payment?

If a loan repayment is overdue, we will send a reminder by letter and inform you about the addition of late interest. In the case of any payment difficulties, please contact us immediately so that we can find the best solution together.

How can a loan agreement be signed?

We will send you a pre-filled loan agreement, which we ask the legal representative to digitally sign and then return.

When is the loan amount received in the company’s account?

The microloan is transferred to the company’s current account as soon as we have received the signed loan and surety agreement.

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